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Serenity Studio

The world has changed. The ways we talk with our kids about sex should too.

every.body talks helps progressive families modernize sex ed by providing compassionate support, inclusive and accurate information, and practical skills to teach kids about sexuality.

Join us in raising a sexually smarter future and building a better world, one conversation at a time.

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sex positive

We believe sexuality is a beautiful part of being human from birth to death, that all people deserve to express their sexuality in life-affirming ways, and that all bodies are good bodies.

queer and trans inclusive

We strive to separate physiology from gender, affirm all relationships and identities, and make sure queer and trans youth see themselves represented in everything we teach.



Learning experiences are designed using health education theory, national sex education curriculum standards, best practices, and current research.


expert led

All classes are created and taught by a sex educator with 15+ years experience working with kids of all ages and the grown-ups who love them.



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Katie H.

Our two boys (12 and 9), my husband, and I have benefitted from Rebecca’s rich knowledge and compassionate facilitation style. From Rebecca, I learned to move toward the discomfort that can accompany important conversations with my sons around sexuality, friendship, and media. I highly recommend her for working with children and adults, one-on-one to larger groups.

Sarah R.

Rebecca has been such a great guide for me as a parent as I navigate conversations about sexuality with my two daughters. She has been a trusted resource for supporting me to talk with my kids about relationships, the impact of culture on how we all think about sexuality, and navigating tricky conversations from an early age. Learning how to talk openly with my kids about their changing bodies and how they share themselves with others will support them in making sound choices in the future and allows us to connect on a deeper level.

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Get 20% off one course, plus regular tips and resources for talking with your kids about sexuality, and be the first to hear when we're up to something good.


We solemnly swear to protect your privacy.

let's talk

Get regular tips and resources for talking with your kids about sexuality and be the first to hear when we're up to something good.


We solemnly swear to protect your privacy.

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