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Get compassionate, one on one support from an experienced sex educator and fellow parent. 

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Your kids deserve great sex ed.

You can be their go-to person.

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how coaching works

Sometimes you just need a warm, trusted expert to talk with about your family’s unique challenges. Someone who will be a compassionate thought partner, provide the most up-to-date info, and help you build your skills and confidence.

I'll create a non-judgmental space and ask generative questions so we can get curious and figure out what's really bugging you and what you really need.

Then I’ll share evidence-based information, recommend resources, and help you clarify your own values so you can have the talks you want to have with your kids with ease and confidence.

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Coaching Options


I can support you in

 how to talk with your kids about

  • where babies come from

  • "private parts"
  • first periods

  • how to use pads and tampons
  • wet dreams
  • puberty
  • birth control
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • body image

  • media literacy
  • porn and sexually explicit material
  • consent and healthy relationships

  • sexual orientation and gender identity
  • gender roles and stereotypes
  • feminism and cultural messages about sexuality

  • and much more

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