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Our digital, self-paced courses for adults give you all the information, skills, and resources you need to have comfortable, effective conversations about sexuality with your kids.

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There are so many guides out there that seem like a good idea when you first look at them but then end up not really having much that you can take away. But my family has been really impressed with Rebecca‘s course. I really like the bite-size lesson plans and the ability to find the information I need. When an issue came up in our household and I needed to talk about something with my son, I knew that I could go right to Rebecca’s course and find quality information and assistance. On top of that I really like that Rebecca makes space for incorporating your personal and family beliefs into this framework of how to speak to your children about sexual health.

-Elizabeth H.

I’m so glad I have Painless Puberty Talks. I was concerned that it would be long and stressful. I remembered shutting down years ago in my own awkward high school health class. But Painless Puberty Talks could also be called Painless Parenting. It affirmed realities of growing up in a straight-forward, supportive way. I liked the combination of specific and accurate information along with the big-picture wisdom that Rebecca offered. My daughter and I were able to have a set of really important and interesting talks because of this course. It helped us bond. 

-Azure A.


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Hi, I'm rebecca. I’ve been teaching sexuality since 2006 to people of all ages. I got my start in Planned Parenthood’s education program, I’ve trained reproductive health care providers, teachers, and other youth-serving professionals, and I’ve been a labor doula and childbirth educator. I did graduate work in women and gender studies and bring an intersectional feminist approach to all of my work.

For the last five years I’ve worked exclusively with elementary and middle-schoolers and their caregivers, and I love it! I can’t wait to partner with you in this important work.

Let’s raise a sexually smarter future together!

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