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the new sex ed

 Sex hasn't changed much since we were kids, but the world sure has. Yesterday's sex ed doesn't work for today's kids. They deserve better.

every.body talks is here to help.

a whole child approach

You're already having conversations about sexuality with your kids everyday.

You're also teaching them a ton without saying a word.

That's because sexuality isn't just about the birds and the bees.

Sexuality is an inherent part of all of us from womb to tomb; it touches every part of our lives.

You are your child's first and most influential sex educator.

When you tell your kiddo they need to wear clothes when guests come over? That's sex ed. (privacy, body safety, gender expression)

When you help them resolve a playground conflict? Also sex ed. (communication, relationship skills)

When you respectfully decline to play Legos so you can read your book? Yep, that's sex ed too. (boundaries, consent)

Good sex ed covers more than where babies come from, what bodies do during puberty, and how to prevent STIs and unintended pregnancy.

Good sex ed is a lifelong process of discovering ourselves and our bodies, how we are in relationships, how we use our power, how we express our gender, how we interpret media messages, and so much more.

That's why our programs address social and emotional development and cultural influences as well as the physical aspects of sexuality.

We use the circles of sexuality as a framework for understanding the holistic, life-long sexuality of all people.


You're modeling what it means to be a healthy sexual being everyday for your kids. 

Do it on purpose, with purpose.

It can feel so tricky. There's so much unlearning to do. It's easy to question whether we're saying the right things and setting the best example. Sometimes we all need a little help.

every.body talks is here for you.

Our courses and workshops cover the physical, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality to prepare you for all of it, from "where do babies come from?" to "do boys get periods?" to "how do I know if I'm gay?" and more. 

I hope you'll join us in raising a sexually smarter future and changing the world, one conversation at a time.


the 'nuts and bolts' of how babies are made, which parts do what, how sex actually works, and body changes of puberty


How to identify and manage emotions, decision making skills, gender identity and expression, crushes, dating, and love


Communicating with others, setting and respecting boundaries, media literacy, relationship skills

our values

There's no such thing as values-neutral sex ed. I build opportunities to clarify your values into my courses because I understand how important it is to pass those values along to your kids. I have values too, and I strive to center them in all of my teaching. I hope that sharing them here will help you decide whether my approach is right for your family.

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