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Each month, we gather live online to explore a different topic that will help you talk with your kids about sexuality. Come learn in community with other parents, get your questions answered, and leave with more confidence and comfort.

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All our workshops are based on factual, regularly updated, reliable information presented in an easy-to-understand, digestible way.


In each workshop, we provide practical tips and skills that you can start implementing right away to help you have great talks with your kids.


You'll leave with carefully curated, trusted resources for both kids and adults to help you continue learning beyond the workshop.

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Rebecca creates an incredibly safe space to ask the hardest questions, I never felt any judgement whatsoever. I always left feeling refreshed, inspired, and confident that I could communicate with my children about difficult topics. She guided me through the current language and most up-to-date information and showed me how to figure out for myself how and why I was feeling the way I did.  She was able to help me understand my own values. But the best thing I took away was increased confidence in my parenting and the hope that no matter how difficult and confusing the topics that come up with our kids, that we are ok to stumble through it with them.

-Leah S.


Rebecca facilitates workshops so beautifully, with care, consideration, and respect for everyone. She beautifully moderates the discussion by asking inclusive, gender positive, and genuinely caring guided questions that make all opinions welcome and safe. That sense of trust she fosters among the parents and with her as the facilitator is rare. She really helps me "get" what my kids may be going through and coaches me to find out what their experience is and support them in it. Rebecca's workshops allow me to be authentic, supported, and grow so that I can be a better mother to my kids as they venture into this wide vast, beautiful, complicated, world of body and mind. 

-Kristin C.


These interactive sessions are held once a month on zoom in meeting format.

Although there is some lecture-style information sharing, the workshops are designed to be interactive and include activities and discussion. This not only allows you to engage more meaningfully with the content, you'll also get to be in community with other parents and caregivers who are thinking about the same topic. 

Group size is limited to encourage community building and allow individualized attention. 

60-75 minutes is dedicated to information sharing and skill building, 15-30 minutes to q&a and open discussion. Come with your specific questions and challenges!

Captioning through zoom is available. 

These workshops are intended for adults only (unless specified).


Rebecca’s workshops are relaxed, informative, and inclusive. They helped me adjust my parenting and my expectations to each stage of my son’s growth and development in a safe, inclusive environment. I really like having the handouts and tools to refer back to. I also really like the statistics she shares. Sometimes I was hesitant to share really personal information or stories but the environment was always comfortable and affirming. I found out I was never alone in my concerns or experiences.

-Rebecca H.

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